Colour Matching

The Masters of Colour Matching

Colour matching is an art, a science and a primary Acorn expertise.

We do it every day and we have been doing it continually for over 27 years. We can quickly colour match the ink to whatever you want it to match to, whether that is a physical sample or a system reference code (such as a Pantone or RAL number). Colour matching is ultimately all about individual visual perception, so all our colour matching is completed and confirmed by the art of the human eye. This means that special effect inks such as pearlescents, metallics and fluorescents can all be colour matched.

We have also always maintained a physical record of every colour match ink formulation that we have made. Our Colour Match record library already includes more than 10,000 records and is ever expanding. We use an advanced Techkon spectrophotometer for solid colours to assist the color matching process with the communication science of the L*a*b* colour space. We have our own unique ink formulation software ACE (Acorn Colour deltaE) to speed up colour matching to sub 2.0 deltaE2000.

We are most usually colour matching Point Of Sale inks under TL84 (F11) shop lighting illumination, but we also have a colour matching light cabinet which we can use to minimise metamerism and to match colours under customer specified lighting illumination.