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Acorn Screen Ink Products

We are a manufacturer and direct supplier of premium quality, solvent-based, screen printing ink.

We offer a personal, direct and fast service, including colour-matching, next day delivery and technical product development.

We have been developing, manufacturing and direct-supplying screen printing ink for over 27 years.

We supply a large number of professional customers in all parts of the UK using our own vehicles and overnight courier services.

We supply solvent-based screen printing inks for most substrates, including paper, board, acrylic, vinyl, polystyrene, polypropylene, and Correx. We also supply specialist inks including RoadScreen (for temporary road traffic signs) and TicketMask (for scratch-off tickets and cards).

We offer a personal, direct and fast service to all our customers - both large and small. We never take your custom for granted and we are always working on ways to further improve our products and our service.