A premium, matt finish, solvent-based, screen ink

for VINYL, flexible and rigid PVC & ACRYLIC


ViaMatt inks are matt Screen Inks suitable for flexible and rigid PVC sheet. The high flexibility of these inks makes them especially suitable for multilayer work.


ViaMatt inks dry quickly through jet dryers. For air drying allow approximately 7 minutes, depending on condition.


ViaMatt thinner B1-91 is recommended with reduction up to 40. For greater screen stability use ViaMatt Retarder B1-92.


A wide range of acrylic, flexible and rigid PVC sheet is suitable. It is recommended that each grade of PVC used is tested before a print run to ensure problems of adhesion and blocking do not occur as result of plasticiser.


ViaMatt inks are designed to be durable for up to three years when used outdoors, depending on conditions. All pigments used in the range have lightfastness of at least 7 on the Blue Wool Scale.


An estimated coverage of approximately 40-45 m2/kg can be obtained with ViaMatt inks, provided standard recommendations for reducer and mesh are followed.